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Skin needs touch to be.
Fingers tracing down the spine,
Leaves a fire wake

As the kiss of sun
touches skin winter tired
Instantly revives

Warm hands dipped in oil
Kneading away knots, tension
Contentment descends

The sting of nettle
The discomfort and itch
Irritates yet wakes

A lovers caress
Tender, passionate, urgent
Arouses, ignites

Skin needs touch to be
Abundant, sensitive, real
Lavished and honest.

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My son and I collect squirrels.

We don’t actually catch them and keep them.  We just collect our sightings of them.
Every day with a squirrel in it is a good day.

He rang me recently to tell me he’d had a 10 squirrel day!  Wow!

And then I went and had a 14 squirrel day… The most ever!  Loving this picture of a purple squirrel too…

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I love this time of day at this time of year.

When the trees have shed their leaves and stand proud in all their naked glory.
When the winter sun gives forth the last of its colour to the sky.
When trees are silhouetted against a backdrop of graduated shades of sunset.
And when cool, still water honours the beauty with perfect reflection.

I wish I’d taken this picture!

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Day 333 - Dancer with Heart

A watercolour by Cate Parr.

Cate Parr is an English born artist living in America. A lot of her work captures the beauty and grace of a pretty face. I’m drawn to the colours and the downcast eyes in many.
Shy… Demure… Wistful… Romantic… Melancholy… Thoughtful… Seductive…

Dancer with Heart, for me captures the freedom to be found in movement to music.

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Day 219 - The Starry Night

If I ever were forced to choose a favourite piece of art, then Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night would have to be it.

Not just because of the beauty and brilliance of the piece itself, but because of the thoughts and memories that surround it for me.

The biggest part of my only visit to Paris was to include a Van Gogh exhibition – only to find that the pieces I wanted to see the most had been sent on loan to Spain.

When I was a school teacher, my favourite art projects with the children were the ones where we combined Van Gogh inspiration with Aboriginal art techniques to create individual artistic journeys of discovery. I still have a canvas given to me by the ruftiest, tuftiest, most rebellious little hooligan-in-the-making, after all his friends had left on my day of leaving. His mum told me later that he’d invested his own money and a huge amount of time into creating it for me.

I still adore Don McLean’s song, Vincent (Starry starry night) and find myself singing it to myself whenever a night sky takes my breath away with its beauty. Which is often.

This purple variation, quite simply, makes me smile.

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Day 218 - Egypt

‘Her posture is as grounded as a pyramid, as she sits lost in reverie. She is solitary, but not in need of company as she holds council with herself. She glows with the colors of a desert sunset, and her light comes from within.’ ~ Clista Prelle-Tworek

Check out the website for more examples of this artist’s beautiful work…

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Day 210 - Body Art

What better canvas can there be than the female form…
Loving the colours of this. Obviously!
The patience of both the model and the artist astounds me. Surely it must tickle! 🙂

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