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Skin needs touch to be.
Fingers tracing down the spine,
Leaves a fire wake

As the kiss of sun
touches skin winter tired
Instantly revives

Warm hands dipped in oil
Kneading away knots, tension
Contentment descends

The sting of nettle
The discomfort and itch
Irritates yet wakes

A lovers caress
Tender, passionate, urgent
Arouses, ignites

Skin needs touch to be
Abundant, sensitive, real
Lavished and honest.

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IMG_20150731_113650 (1)

I have been doing an awful lot of walking recently.  And I have plans to do a whole heap more during the month of August.

Over the course of the month I shall be walking in the Peak District, the Lake District, the South East Coastal Path and Offa’s Dyke on the English/Welsh border.

I plan to see waterfalls and gorges…

To climb mountains and cross streams…

To enjoy nature and wildlife…

To marvel at the vastness of the sea and the wonders of the great outdoors…

To explore inland, coastland and headlands…

To let my mind roam free, my eyes to feast and my spirit to soar in freedom…

And all the while I shall be on the lookout for purple.

Seek and nature will provide!

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My son and I collect squirrels.

We don’t actually catch them and keep them.  We just collect our sightings of them.
Every day with a squirrel in it is a good day.

He rang me recently to tell me he’d had a 10 squirrel day!  Wow!

And then I went and had a 14 squirrel day… The most ever!  Loving this picture of a purple squirrel too…

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I love this time of day at this time of year.

When the trees have shed their leaves and stand proud in all their naked glory.
When the winter sun gives forth the last of its colour to the sky.
When trees are silhouetted against a backdrop of graduated shades of sunset.
And when cool, still water honours the beauty with perfect reflection.

I wish I’d taken this picture!

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Day 37 - Purple Blues

‘For me, the ultimate form of expression is blues.’ ~Scott Henderson

The ultimate form of musical expression, inspiring the ultimate form of dance expression? Some would say so…

I might be one of them. But so it is in music it shall be in dance… Variety, variety, variety… Despite the musical inspiration, for me, physical impulse, aspiration, muse, motivation and stimulation is also required.

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Day 27 - Bare Naked Music

Artist – Toni Thorne

Let me offer you this piece by a favourite artist of mine and share with you why it calls to me (aside from the obvious – purple!)

There is a feeling of being completely lost in the moment about these musicians that breathes such life into it, so that it makes complete and utter sense as a visual whole. Yet when I try to look beyond the whole and into the individual aspects, suddenly it all begins to feel quite bizarre…
The guys are naked, the poise, shape, angles and positioning of the bodies feels all wrong and where I’ve assumed these are two men, when I look at the one sitting down, I can’t tell if it is male or female after all.

The colours soothe and entice me, the facial expressions delight me, the beautiful way the head of the guy in the foreground and the head of the guy in the background curve around each other, such that perspective plays tricks on me.

I am fascinated at the complexity of the emotions that I read into the faces of what are, essentially, cartoon characters. Is the piano player lost in a beautiful moment, or drowning in melancholy? Is the horn player oblivious to the possible suffering or playing it? So many interpretations.

Toni Thorne captures time, spirit, movement and emotion in a very unique way, and her tributes to Michael Jackson as well as her clear love of music and the musicians that create it are a joy.

Take a look as some of her other work…


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Day 26 - Dare to be You?

‘Don’t dare to be different, dare to be yourself – if that doesn’t make you different then something is wrong.’ ~Laura Baker

I love this Clown Frog, but ever since I saw him this morning I’ve had a song going around in my head… Proper ear-worm!

Best thing to do with an ear-worm?
Share it of course!
So here you go… All yours!  Enjoy…


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