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I took this picture at the end of a very long day of walking – and it is completely untouched.  No filters, no improvements – just nature doing what it does best.

August is my month for self-indulgence.  The time that I take for myself to do one of the things that I have grown to love the most.
So far this month I have enjoyed time walking with lovely people in the Peak District, the Lake District, across the South Downs, on Brownsea Island, around the Devil’s Punch Bowl and down some of the LipChis way.

I have plans to walk some of Offa’s Dyke in a couple of weeks – and that leaves me with some empty space on my calendar next week!

So…   Where shall I go for my next walking adventure?

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As August starts to get into full swing, I am still longing for the absent sunshine.

Memories of my short break to Porto a while ago fill my head as I crave the sun on my skin.

I took this picture on the way back to our hotel at sunset, after a full day spent walking, talking, enjoying sun, sea and sangria, exploring the world around us and our love for each other.

The tide was out as we took the long way back to our hotel.  The beautiful bridge that spans the river was ahead of us, the beach behind us and we strolled along the river.  We were looking forward to another walk through the beautiful Crystal Palace Gardens before nightfall finally came.

Looking at this picture I remember the moment so clearly.  I should take more pictures…

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IMG_20150731_113650 (1)

I have been doing an awful lot of walking recently.  And I have plans to do a whole heap more during the month of August.

Over the course of the month I shall be walking in the Peak District, the Lake District, the South East Coastal Path and Offa’s Dyke on the English/Welsh border.

I plan to see waterfalls and gorges…

To climb mountains and cross streams…

To enjoy nature and wildlife…

To marvel at the vastness of the sea and the wonders of the great outdoors…

To explore inland, coastland and headlands…

To let my mind roam free, my eyes to feast and my spirit to soar in freedom…

And all the while I shall be on the lookout for purple.

Seek and nature will provide!

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Day 330 - Under the Sea

Apologies for my tardiness on the purple front.. Back on it now!

Having just spent a few glorious days in Bournemouth, I’m still very much in beach, sun, sea and sand mode.
So it feels like a good time to offer up this little fella!

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Day 306 - Beach Adventure

A day of stolen adventure…

A long beach walk. Climbing sand dunes. Picnic on a pillbox. Geography and geology. Tackling a raging river and not quite winning. Sandstorms in the Kalahari Dessert. Deployment of a human shield. Colour-catching. Duck flowers. Coffee and brambles. White houses and light houses. The Apocalypse and Armageddon. And musical journeys.

It was a good day to have a good day.

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Day 173 - Sun, Sea, Sand and Rain!

As the world whirled and twirled, time was made to visit the beach.
To walk by the sea as it rolled back and forth.
Along the shore, by the sand dunes,  with the waves, some late summer sunshine and a healthy sea-breeze…
When the rain gently fell and all the people disappeared – what a treat to see a cormorant!

Memories made.

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Day 135 - Night Lights

Back from a fabulous day next to the beach in Bournemouth. Teaching, dancing, paddling in the sea and hanging out with new friends.

All day it was delicious beach weather – hot, hot, hot!

Then a perfect moon rose and brought the sea to life in a whole different way.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – so we were treated to a spectacular display of lightning! Amazing!

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