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Day 299 - The Glorious One-Eyed Cats

For a music lover, nothing beats live music. Fact!
The energy, the passion, the skill, the interaction and interplay, the way it’s never quite the same twice… A-maz-ing!

The One-Eyed-Cats rock, roll and Blues with soul…
I’m definitely going to be seeing more of these guys during the summer. Starting in Stanwick at Easter!

Wanna find out where they’ll be playing? Here’s a link to their gig guide.


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Day 221 – Purple and Me

A blog post I wrote over a year ago, but feels like it should be included here…

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Day 170 - Thoughts

This Mark Chadwick purple and blue abstract piece is pretty much how my thoughts look today…

My brain is mush after a fabulous Blues Bootcamp weekend, but in the best possible way!

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Day 73 - Bournemouth Beckons!

It’s nearly time for me to head off to Bournemouth for yet another weekend of dancing and mayhem!

I’m looking forward to purple beach huts, delicious food, divine music, posh frocks and finery, dancing til daybreak and spending time with the best bunch of Blues-loving dance addicts you could ever hope to find…

And the even better best bit… Mummy Wendy will be there too, which means I get extra-spoiled!!!

Yep… It’s tough being me… 😉

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Day 37 - Purple Blues

‘For me, the ultimate form of expression is blues.’ ~Scott Henderson

The ultimate form of musical expression, inspiring the ultimate form of dance expression? Some would say so…

I might be one of them. But so it is in music it shall be in dance… Variety, variety, variety… Despite the musical inspiration, for me, physical impulse, aspiration, muse, motivation and stimulation is also required.

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Day 36 - Guilty Pleasures

‘A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.’ ~Abraham Maslow

And of course we should add that a dancer must dance…

I’m a little lost today. In a particularly skilled bout of negotiation, my daughter managed to relieve me of my ipod today and I’m feeling all out of balance!

It is my own fault of course. Had I have had the sense and foresight to install the latest P!nk album on *her* ipod, and not just on mine, I wouldn’t be in this situation right now…

So here I am, feeling somewhat naked and exposed to the world and my thoughts keep drifting to what I *could* be listening to at this moment. Am I in an ‘album from start to finish’ mood? Or is it a ‘hit and hope’ random shuffle kind of day? Perhaps it is more of ‘genre-specific, feel-good’ thing that I’d have going on? Or maybe I would want to explore my latest discoveries for a while? What I love most about my ipod is that it doesn’t really matter what kind of mood I’m in, it is so easy to access all my greatest treasures!

My ipod does however, have a very split personality… On the surface there is a cool, Blues-loving yet up-to-date, ‘yep I don’t mind putting my ipod, uncensored, on shuffle in public’ kind of thing going on… But scratch a little deeper below that surface and you’re going to find all kinds of guilty pleasures…

Do you think I’m gonna tell you what they are?

Get real..!! Some things a girl should definitely keep to herself..!

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