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Day 257 - Clouds in a Bucket

If I could part the clouds.  I would.
If I could stop the rain and ease the pain.  I would.
If I could right the wrongs and stitch the wounds and salve the scars.  I would.

But the clouds gather.
And rumble and roar.
They drown out my voice and I’m lost.

But I would. If I could.

I’d gather a ladder and stretch it up high.
Take step after step up into the sky.
With a chamois and cloth I’d wring out the rain.
Catch it all in a bucket and then climb down again.

And I’d pour it all gently away.
No more clouds in the sky.
Or the eye.

I would. Oh I would. If only I could.


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Day 239 - Purple Clouds

The trees against the purple evening sky tonight almost looked like a pencil drawing.

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