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I took this picture at the end of a very long day of walking – and it is completely untouched.  No filters, no improvements – just nature doing what it does best.

August is my month for self-indulgence.  The time that I take for myself to do one of the things that I have grown to love the most.
So far this month I have enjoyed time walking with lovely people in the Peak District, the Lake District, across the South Downs, on Brownsea Island, around the Devil’s Punch Bowl and down some of the LipChis way.

I have plans to walk some of Offa’s Dyke in a couple of weeks – and that leaves me with some empty space on my calendar next week!

So…   Where shall I go for my next walking adventure?


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My son and I collect squirrels.

We don’t actually catch them and keep them.  We just collect our sightings of them.
Every day with a squirrel in it is a good day.

He rang me recently to tell me he’d had a 10 squirrel day!  Wow!

And then I went and had a 14 squirrel day… The most ever!  Loving this picture of a purple squirrel too…

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I love this time of day at this time of year.

When the trees have shed their leaves and stand proud in all their naked glory.
When the winter sun gives forth the last of its colour to the sky.
When trees are silhouetted against a backdrop of graduated shades of sunset.
And when cool, still water honours the beauty with perfect reflection.

I wish I’d taken this picture!

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Day 175 - Several Shades of Purple.

Not everything goes the way I want it to.
Not everything looks the way I’d like it to.
Not everyone behaves in ways that I’d like them to.
Such is life.
I haven’t seen everything I’d like to see.
I haven’t done everything I’d like to do.
I haven’t reached the heights I’d like to reach.
I’ve experienced more lows that I would’ve liked.
Such is life.

It tells me I have far still to go on this journey of my life and that is as it should be.

A very good friend tells me that we are the sum total of every decision we ever make.
I’ve made some great decisions, and some truly terrible ones. I’ve changed my mind and changed direction. I’ve grown and changed and evolved and progressed according to the influences and experiences I’ve enjoyed. I’m sure there is much still to come that will add to the shades of me that I am. I welcome the new colours.

My life is several shades of purple. As am I.

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Day 170 - Thoughts

This Mark Chadwick purple and blue abstract piece is pretty much how my thoughts look today…

My brain is mush after a fabulous Blues Bootcamp weekend, but in the best possible way!

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Day 80 - Dream Seeker

It is time for sleep. Time to rid ourselves of physical, earthly ties and leap into the dream realm. Where colours are more vivid and vibrant with colour, and sounds are richer and more alive with sound.
Tonight as I drift into sleep, a very particular dream I seek…

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Day 12 - Smile!

If colours are the smiles of nature, as Leigh Hunt suggests, then for me, purple is the best smile of all.

It has been a long, weary winter and the colours of nature have been subdued, suppressed and washed out.

I think at times, that my smile has been affected in the same way. Subdued, suppressed and washed out… I also feel that it has gotten slightly lazy and isn’t available so readily and so I am going to attempt to retrain it.

After having the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful little boy-baby at the weekend, I was reminded that each baby that enters the world brings with it a large supply of hair-trigger smiles to be spread freely from and around it.

I caught me some of that hair-trigger smiling from that child and I’m gonna work on making it last.

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