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Day 307 - In our Hands

The magic…
What is it?
It’s the dream. Creativity. Originality. Perseverance. Hard work. Endeavour. Invention. Reinvention. Re-reinvention. Adapting. Tweaking. Evolving. Growth.

Still dreaming.


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Day 293 - Mist and Shadows

A beautiful picture by Temperate-Sage

I imagine it to be early morning, and the girl is making her way back from a night spent at a magnificent ball. She whirls and twirls her way along the sand. Memories afresh of dances with the man who caught her eye and took her breath. Exhausted but too elated to sleep. Not yet ready for the night to end…

In the mist and the shadows…

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Day 278 - Boxed

After another fabulous weekend of teaching and dancing, wining and dining, laughing and living the dream – I can highly recommend the whole ‘getting rid of the box’ thing.

Stay fluid… Expand to fill your universe. The possibilities and opportunities are out there.
Say ‘Hell yeah!’ rather than ‘I probably shouldn’t do that…’
Go on… You know you wanna!

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Day 277 - Do Things People.

‘I want to be around people that do things.
I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people who dream, and support, and do things.’ ~Amy Poehler.

Amy Poehler – I like your thinking!

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Day 253 - Dream On

And when I dream, the best dreams come wrapped in purple…

Purple dreams, for a purple dreamer.

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Day 237 - Moonlight over water

Night time. Thinking time. Time to dream. To dare to hope. To hope to dare…

Dream time.

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Day 223 - Enclosed.

Enclosed. Closed. Closed in. Closed off. Shut in. Shut out.

Enclosed. Hidden. Hiding. Watching. Waiting. Hoping. Hurting.

Enclosed. Sheltered. Secluded. Cosseted.

Enclosed. Confined. Excluded.

Enclosed. Protected.

To dream the dream.

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