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Day 333 - Dancer with Heart

A watercolour by Cate Parr.

Cate Parr is an English born artist living in America. A lot of her work captures the beauty and grace of a pretty face. I’m drawn to the colours and the downcast eyes in many.
Shy… Demure… Wistful… Romantic… Melancholy… Thoughtful… Seductive…

Dancer with Heart, for me captures the freedom to be found in movement to music.


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Day 287 - Dance Definition

Such a simple definition.

Which has started two thought trails in my head.

Define the emotion of the perfect dance…


If purple danced…

Please feel free to share your thoughts and definitions on the first. I shall continue  to ponder the second…

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Day 286 - Confusion

“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.” ~Johnny Depp

Unlike the gorgeous Mr Depp, I don’t think confusion is a look that suits me. But it is a feeling I have far too often.

People confuse me. For lots of different reasons. The things they can’t see. The things they do. The things they think it is OK to say. The things they think it is OK not to say.
I confuse me. For lots of reasons. The things I tolerate. The things I don’t change that I should. The things I continue to long for, despite knowing they won’t happen or that they aren’t good for me. The things I allow to hurt me.

Perhaps Mr Depp makes a good case. Rather than trying to make sense of the confusion, perhaps I just need to change my outlook.

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