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Day 318 - Journey On

On my way to climb Snowdon, I have spent a few days with a friend.
I have visited Wrexham, Wetherby, Warrington, Chester and Manchester in the past few days and have enjoyed a really relaxing time meeting new people and seeing new sights.

It has felt good seeing beyond the 3 minute friendship… On many levels.

Tomorrow I move on to Snowdon. And the challenge and experiences that it might hold.


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Saw this and it made me smile…

Today the assistant in the petrol station asked me if I had specifically chosen the chocolate I was buying to match my outfit.
I chose a new book based purely upon the appeal of the colour of cover.
And when someone I’d recently met told me they were not really a fan of purple, I told them we could never be friends…

The purple love just ain’t wearing off…

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Onion Truth

I have learned again, recently, that some people see the truth as an onion. From the heart outwards layer upon layer of flesh and substance is built up to mask what is real at the core.

The layers are there sometimes to protect. Perhaps a secret deemed too big, or too sensitive, or too sore to reveal.

The layers are there sometimes to enable one to do things they know to be wrong. Each layer is only one tiny step away from what is true, or real, or right but they add together to create an opaque view. A view so shadowy and shady and far from that which is real that right and truth are hidden. And a new, slightly fake, real is revealed. One that allows wrong to be presented as right.

The layers are there to distract, divert and deter. It takes a certain kind of determination, devotion, commitment and care to peel those layers away when they are being so carefully held together. The more layers, the more likely you are to deter intruders.

There are lots of reasons why there are layers. Layers don’t hurt the onion.
But peeling an onion always makes me cry.

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Day 266 - Purple Puddles

It’s been a wet and soggy day and the world has looked more than a little grey.
It always seems more difficult to find the positives on a grey day.
But there have been little moments. A young busker, singing in the rain, with an absolutely fabulous voice made me stop and listen a while.
I have food in the oven that hasn’t been prepared by me, and a chilled glass of good wine.
And I have people in my life that make me smile. Some make me smile without even trying. Some make me smile because they try.

And this picture of purple puddles made me smile too. Little moments on a grey day…

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Day 243 - Connect.

As the clouds in the sky reach down to meet the sea.
As the sea rolls eternal to kiss the shore.
So I am reminded that it is good to connect.

Two separate, unexpected and most welcome emails arrived in my inbox today. From two people I care about hugely. Through the words on the screen the writers reached into my heart and touched me gently. They don’t need to be with me to do that.

One made me smile. A lasting smile that starts deep inside and lingers long.
The other made me cry. In sadness, that I could do nothing to sooth and heal.

It’s good to connect…

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Day 183 - Pie Place

Just knowing that there is somewhere in the world called the Purple Pie Place makes me happy.

Knowing that I am surrounded by people who are the best at what they do, and do what they do best  makes me happy too.

Being able to call those people my friends makes me the happiest of all.

Today is a good day.

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