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Day 318 - Journey On

On my way to climb Snowdon, I have spent a few days with a friend.
I have visited Wrexham, Wetherby, Warrington, Chester and Manchester in the past few days and have enjoyed a really relaxing time meeting new people and seeing new sights.

It has felt good seeing beyond the 3 minute friendship… On many levels.

Tomorrow I move on to Snowdon. And the challenge and experiences that it might hold.


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Day 317 - Pictures, Picnics and Peacocks

From the paper-chase to the sky-on-fire sunset. Today was a perfect day.

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Day 306 - Beach Adventure

A day of stolen adventure…

A long beach walk. Climbing sand dunes. Picnic on a pillbox. Geography and geology. Tackling a raging river and not quite winning. Sandstorms in the Kalahari Dessert. Deployment of a human shield. Colour-catching. Duck flowers. Coffee and brambles. White houses and light houses. The Apocalypse and Armageddon. And musical journeys.

It was a good day to have a good day.

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Day 266 - Purple Puddles

It’s been a wet and soggy day and the world has looked more than a little grey.
It always seems more difficult to find the positives on a grey day.
But there have been little moments. A young busker, singing in the rain, with an absolutely fabulous voice made me stop and listen a while.
I have food in the oven that hasn’t been prepared by me, and a chilled glass of good wine.
And I have people in my life that make me smile. Some make me smile without even trying. Some make me smile because they try.

And this picture of purple puddles made me smile too. Little moments on a grey day…

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