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As August starts to get into full swing, I am still longing for the absent sunshine.

Memories of my short break to Porto a while ago fill my head as I crave the sun on my skin.

I took this picture on the way back to our hotel at sunset, after a full day spent walking, talking, enjoying sun, sea and sangria, exploring the world around us and our love for each other.

The tide was out as we took the long way back to our hotel.  The beautiful bridge that spans the river was ahead of us, the beach behind us and we strolled along the river.  We were looking forward to another walk through the beautiful Crystal Palace Gardens before nightfall finally came.

Looking at this picture I remember the moment so clearly.  I should take more pictures…


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Day 330 - Under the Sea

Apologies for my tardiness on the purple front.. Back on it now!

Having just spent a few glorious days in Bournemouth, I’m still very much in beach, sun, sea and sand mode.
So it feels like a good time to offer up this little fella!

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Day 138 - Bees

Just in case you’re looking for them, I’ve found all the bees.
They’re all on holiday at Twywell Hills and Dales – enjoying the huge purple thistles!

That’s that problem solved…
Next..! 😉

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Day 47 - Purple Paradise

Paradise is exactly like where you are right now… only much, much better. ~Laurie Anderson

I’m not entirely convinced, Laurie Anderson…

Where I am now definitely does not have the view in this picture, and this view would be a piece of purple paradise for me.

I do agree though, that we are all responsible for creating our own inner paradise. It can be difficult to perceive of a place of perfect inner peace, calm and beauty while we struggle beneath the immense weight of the chips we are inclined to carry on our shoulders. But even if a state of ultimate inner paradise seems impossible to reach, each step in the right direction brings us infinite personal benefit.

I am not seeking Nirvana. I do not wish my mind to be still or to be without desire, longing, and aspiration. But I do wish for my eyes to feast upon infinite natural wonder and beauty, my body to feel the kiss of the sun and my spirit to be soothed by peace, relaxation and soulful solitude.

Yep! I NEED a holiday!

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