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Day 327 - Sleep Well

After a long and fun day – sleep time!


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Day 299 - The Glorious One-Eyed Cats

For a music lover, nothing beats live music. Fact!
The energy, the passion, the skill, the interaction and interplay, the way it’s never quite the same twice… A-maz-ing!

The One-Eyed-Cats rock, roll and Blues with soul…
I’m definitely going to be seeing more of these guys during the summer. Starting in Stanwick at Easter!

Wanna find out where they’ll be playing? Here’s a link to their gig guide.

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Day 278 - Boxed

After another fabulous weekend of teaching and dancing, wining and dining, laughing and living the dream – I can highly recommend the whole ‘getting rid of the box’ thing.

Stay fluid… Expand to fill your universe. The possibilities and opportunities are out there.
Say ‘Hell yeah!’ rather than ‘I probably shouldn’t do that…’
Go on… You know you wanna!

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Day 215 - Glass Full

Only mildly purple, but a beautifully captured image.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person really, it’s the pleasure you take from what you have in your glass that counts!

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Day 159 - Rocking Out!

I think it should be compulsory to feed the Inner Rock Chick on a regular basis…
Just enjoyed a fab night listening to live music. Hot, sweaty, loud, proud and fab fun! Do it. It’ll make you feel good…

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