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Day 331 - LBD Reflections

At a recent Little Black Dress night, these glasses decided to join in on the action…

Loving the suggestions of dresses caught in the reflections…

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Day 309 - Night Rain

Another night when the rain wrenches memories from their hiding places.

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Day 251 - Night Rain

Where do your thoughts go..?
When it’s dark, and it’s late and the rain beats a rhythm on the window and in your head. And your heart.
Where do you go..?

Where do your dreams take you..?
When sleep frees your mind, and the power of your will can’t stop your thoughts from going to all those places you forbid them to go. With your heart.
Where do you go..?

What seeks your soul..?
When you dare to seek with freedom, and space, and with awe and with wonder you wonder. What’s out there? For me. To see. To feel. To be. With me.
What do you seek..?

Night rain. Pleasure and pain.

Where do you find to hide..?
When the hurt and the pain, of memories past and future fears gang up, sneak up and assault you with their bitter sweetness.  And loss.
Where do you hide..?

What do you use to buffer the blows..?
Of the mountain of memories in a lifetime’s accumulation of regret and disappointment.  Bad decisions.  Missed moments. Could’ves. Should’ves.  Thought I would’ves. Didn’ts.
What do you use..?

Where is your comfort and light giver..?
Between the dark and the dawn, when the demons are restless and clutch at your limbs, seeking to drink from your last remaining vestiges of hope.  Draining.  Shrinking.  Empty.
Where is your comfort..?

Night rain.  Pleasure and pain.

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Day 237 - Moonlight over water

Night time. Thinking time. Time to dream. To dare to hope. To hope to dare…

Dream time.

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Day 219 - The Starry Night

If I ever were forced to choose a favourite piece of art, then Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night would have to be it.

Not just because of the beauty and brilliance of the piece itself, but because of the thoughts and memories that surround it for me.

The biggest part of my only visit to Paris was to include a Van Gogh exhibition – only to find that the pieces I wanted to see the most had been sent on loan to Spain.

When I was a school teacher, my favourite art projects with the children were the ones where we combined Van Gogh inspiration with Aboriginal art techniques to create individual artistic journeys of discovery. I still have a canvas given to me by the ruftiest, tuftiest, most rebellious little hooligan-in-the-making, after all his friends had left on my day of leaving. His mum told me later that he’d invested his own money and a huge amount of time into creating it for me.

I still adore Don McLean’s song, Vincent (Starry starry night) and find myself singing it to myself whenever a night sky takes my breath away with its beauty. Which is often.

This purple variation, quite simply, makes me smile.

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Day 167 - Into the Night

The day ends and the night folds in.
It’s time to let myself be wrapped into the darkness and carried away to those places I can only go to in sleep.

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Day 135 - Night Lights

Back from a fabulous day next to the beach in Bournemouth. Teaching, dancing, paddling in the sea and hanging out with new friends.

All day it was delicious beach weather – hot, hot, hot!

Then a perfect moon rose and brought the sea to life in a whole different way.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – so we were treated to a spectacular display of lightning! Amazing!

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