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It is September and close to the end of another year for me.  And what an incredible year it has been…

I have traveled to far flung places.
Seen, heard and felt things that will have forever changed me.

I have lived fully.  The meaning, the moments and the memories.

I have felt deeply.  The wonder, the awe, the overwhelming passion for love and for life

I have loved completely.  With my heart and with my soul.

I have enjoyed simply.  With my toes in the water, my sights set on sunrise and sunset.

Another year marker will soon be here.  If change helps us to grow, then I am open to all the growth that my next year on this earth has in store for me.




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happy weekend

With some very busy weekends behind me, and more ahead of me – today is an oasis of quiet and calm.

A life lived in contrasts makes for a very exciting journey.

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Day 321 - Oasis

Sometimes you don’t actually have to be there, to be there.

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Day 253 - Dream On

And when I dream, the best dreams come wrapped in purple…

Purple dreams, for a purple dreamer.

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Day 244 - Happy New Year!

As I get ready to set up for our New Year’s Eve event, I’d like to take a moment just to wish you all that you wish yourself – and more.

Health and happiness. Love and laughter. Excitement and adventure. Peace…

A very happy and purple New Year!

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Day 216 - Hawaiian Sunset

As we make ready for the inevitable cold spell that we experience every year around this time, spare a thought for those in Hawaii who are forced to endure sunsets like these…

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Day 213 - Journey on.

Life is a journey, much of which seems to be spent working very hard to stay still.
Sometimes I need to let go of what I know just to see where this amazing life will take me.

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