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Look at these little beauties!!
Over a week old and still going strong… Every day one more opens and adds to the treat!  Beautiful in bud, gorgeous in bloom and wow, do they smell good!

Purple flowers… One of life’s treasures!  What a lucky lady I am…


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Day 317 - Pictures, Picnics and Peacocks

From the paper-chase to the sky-on-fire sunset. Today was a perfect day.

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Day 265 - 100 days to go!

And it seems like a good time to remind myself of these things.

Taking time to see and enjoy the beautiful little things makes the tough stuff easier to handle.

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Day 251 - Night Rain

Where do your thoughts go..?
When it’s dark, and it’s late and the rain beats a rhythm on the window and in your head. And your heart.
Where do you go..?

Where do your dreams take you..?
When sleep frees your mind, and the power of your will can’t stop your thoughts from going to all those places you forbid them to go. With your heart.
Where do you go..?

What seeks your soul..?
When you dare to seek with freedom, and space, and with awe and with wonder you wonder. What’s out there? For me. To see. To feel. To be. With me.
What do you seek..?

Night rain. Pleasure and pain.

Where do you find to hide..?
When the hurt and the pain, of memories past and future fears gang up, sneak up and assault you with their bitter sweetness.  And loss.
Where do you hide..?

What do you use to buffer the blows..?
Of the mountain of memories in a lifetime’s accumulation of regret and disappointment.  Bad decisions.  Missed moments. Could’ves. Should’ves.  Thought I would’ves. Didn’ts.
What do you use..?

Where is your comfort and light giver..?
Between the dark and the dawn, when the demons are restless and clutch at your limbs, seeking to drink from your last remaining vestiges of hope.  Draining.  Shrinking.  Empty.
Where is your comfort..?

Night rain.  Pleasure and pain.

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Day 225 - A Bunch of Beauty

Such is the gift of flowers.

Delicate and delightful with the strength and courage to thrive and survive.
The sight and the scent of nature’s beauty in all its diverse glory and the ability to lift the spirit in an instant.

Sometimes we have to step back a little from the overwhelming bigness of the whole picture, and find pleasure where we can in the composite parts.

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Day 184 - Seeking

On my journey I seek, silence in my head, calm in my soul and peace in my heart, Each step in the right direction brings me closer.
What I seek hides in plain view and is there for the finding. At times I find it in long, quiet contemplative walks in delightful countryside. But often it lies in adventure, spontaneity, shared moments, laughter, learning, sights, sounds, thoughtfulness and love.
And sometimes, it can even be found in a wine glass. 🙂

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Day 149 - Purple Fairytales.

Unicorns and Fairy Godmothers.
Fairies and Elves.
Castles and Dragons.
Princes and White Knights.
Wishes and Kisses.
Dreams coming true.
Just some of the things I wish for you.

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