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‘There is a heel that is too high to walk in, certainly.  But who cares?  You don’t have to walk in high heels…’ ~Christian Louboutin


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‘Does the walker choose the path – or the path the walker? ‘  ~Garth Nix

A bit of both, I’d like to believe…

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There are worse things to strive for in each day…


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As one child embarks on her journey of learning in Wales and my wanderer child returns for his final year of studies in Leeds I am packing up what is left of my old life and preparing for my own ‘Next Chapter’.

So that’s one in Welsh Wales, two in Leeds and one in Peterborough…

I see lots of texts, calls, Skype chats and car journeys in my future!


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Tonight the moon rises for the last time on this chapter of my life.

When day breaks tomorrow everything will have changed.  New beginnings.  New adventures.

So tonight shall be spent in quiet reflection.  A wander through the twists, turns, trails and pathways of the journey so far.

For tomorrow a new journey begins.  Uncharted.

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Door… What story lies behind?
I don’t think I really want to know the reality.
I prefer to write a thousand alternatives in my mind.


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‘You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ ~Carson Kressley.

‘I love your curves and all your edges.  All your perfect imperfections. ~John Legend

No heart or mind, body or life well lived will ever be perfect.  Both despite and because of the imperfections, true beauty shines through.
Your challenge today, if you choose to accept it…
When someone pays you a compliment, absorb it.  Don’t deflect it.  When you look in the mirror, be kind.  Not critical.  All your perfect imperfections create your unique beauty.  From the inside out.

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Day 326 - Fine Art

‘I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature…
All of this is art to me.” ~Hunter Reveur

I would add to this the art of nature, spoken and unspoken conversation and dance…

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Day 234 – When

Day 234 - When

They say that when one door closes, try the window…

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Day 97 - Doors.

I love this picture. More than is reasonable, I suspect.

In our dreams, doors are suggestive of transition, change, opportunity and our hopes and fears of all things uncertain… And that does make sense to me. The metaphorical moveable blockage between where we are and where we want to be.

Prince (another lover of purple) sings about the girl walking in through the out door in his song ‘Raspberry Beret’ as an indication of her casual disregard for the constraints of rules and authority. I picture her confidently strolling in, blatantly ignoring the looks of disapproval inevitably being thrown her way, and I like her.

The Alexander Graham Bell quote that suggests when one door closes another door of opportunity will eventually open is one that resonates, but I find it far more empowering in the form, ‘When one door closes, kick out a window…’ Achievement and success is far more likely with a proactive response than with the passivity of waiting for opportunity.

But do you know why I like this picture the most? Because it is a sunny day. And the brickwork is old but feels really funky. And I think I would like the person who chose this door. And because the door is purple. And it really can be that simple.

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