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Day 296 - Be Eccentric.

If purple is considered to be a mark of eccentricity, then I love being eccentric. Usually.

Standing in a queue I had my ipod in my hand and my earphones in place when I heard two people behind me saying…

‘Wow – she must really like purple!’
‘Yeah, look, she even has purple in her hair…’
‘And a purple bag…’
‘Purple jacket, purple top and even purple shoes!’
‘I bet she takes out a purple purse when she pays…’

At which point I turned and said – you do know I can hear you, right?

And it was then I realised that I had forgotten to turn my music on…


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Day 285 - Shooz

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’ ~Marilyn Monroe.

And if they really are the right shoes, she won’t even need to leave the bedroom to do it…

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Day 188 - Ooh Shoes

I’ve held out a long time, but it couldn’t last forever…

This page definitely needs some CFM shoes – and these are some serious CFM shoes!! Ooh, in more ways than one!

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Day 169 - Ease into...

It’s Friday… Time to ease into the weekend.

Whatever you’ve got planned, have a good one!

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Day 55 - Shoes, Baby, Shoes!

No page rejoicing in purple could ever be complete without a dedication (or two..) to purple shoes!

Purple shoes may yet become a recurring theme here… Who knows!

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