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Day 327 - Sleep Well

After a long and fun day – sleep time!


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Day 289 - Pre-Dawn

A time when thoughts and feelings collide.

Before the sun rises on a new day, the heart and mind steal moments to meander through memories. The ones that hide from daylight.

And neither sleep nor dawn will come when called.

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Day 280 - Elepurple

All I can offer you today is an elepurple.

That said, this page has been seriously lacking an elepurple up until now.

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Day 253 - Dream On

And when I dream, the best dreams come wrapped in purple…

Purple dreams, for a purple dreamer.

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Day 193 - On my window

Peaceful serenade.
Drifting in time and space.

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Day 167 - Into the Night

The day ends and the night folds in.
It’s time to let myself be wrapped into the darkness and carried away to those places I can only go to in sleep.

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Day 134 - Ta dah!

That is all…

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