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Day 290 - It'll cost ya!

In town with my daughter and taking the zig zag route trying to avoid the onslaught of street sellers and charity collectors.

In the beautiful sunshine was a guy waving a big white paper napkin around and shouting, ‘Big Tissue… Get your Big Tissue! Free Big Tissue… All it will cost you is a smile…’

His attitude and enthusiasm totally changed my day… I gave him his smile, and kept one for myself.

Big Tissue anyone?


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Day 271 - Thoroughly Spoiled

I have been thoroughly spoiled this week…

Beautiful flowers from a friend. Such thoughtfulness has made me smile…

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Day 266 - Purple Puddles

It’s been a wet and soggy day and the world has looked more than a little grey.
It always seems more difficult to find the positives on a grey day.
But there have been little moments. A young busker, singing in the rain, with an absolutely fabulous voice made me stop and listen a while.
I have food in the oven that hasn’t been prepared by me, and a chilled glass of good wine.
And I have people in my life that make me smile. Some make me smile without even trying. Some make me smile because they try.

And this picture of purple puddles made me smile too. Little moments on a grey day…

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Day 240 - Tree in Turin

This beautiful Christmas tree in Turin has made me smile and feel fabulously festive this morning.
It really is a most wonderful time of the year.

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Day 198 - Feesh!

It’s the little things. Add them all together and they become the big thing!

Discovering fish on the hotel TV was just one of the little things that made me smile this weekend.


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Day 76 - Time

For sleep…

Tonight is all about the hot bath, the warm drink, the contented smile and the cosy bed!

Night, night…

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Day 71 - Joy

It’s a beautiful day.
Yeah, there’s places to go, people to see, work to be done, stuff that won’t wait and things we probably don’t want to do…

But take a moment, find the beauty in the day. Take the pleasure from it that it deserves. Find the joy in it. And in you…


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