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Day 330 - Under the Sea

Apologies for my tardiness on the purple front.. Back on it now!

Having just spent a few glorious days in Bournemouth, I’m still very much in beach, sun, sea and sand mode.
So it feels like a good time to offer up this little fella!

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Day 291 - Deer Stalking

No.1 son and I went on an impromptu deer stalking quest today.

As quests go, it was successful.

We went to a local deer park and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon walking, talking, enjoying the weather, the scenery and the company. And then we shot some deer. With a camera obviously…

And then tonight, driving back from somewhere along back country lanes I saw a big, beautiful stag with a fabulous set of antlers, and an elegant female, lying comfortably on the grass verge. So so close to me and so beautiful.

Good times…

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Day 289 - Pre-Dawn

A time when thoughts and feelings collide.

Before the sun rises on a new day, the heart and mind steal moments to meander through memories. The ones that hide from daylight.

And neither sleep nor dawn will come when called.

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On grey days in January I try to look for sunshine in other places.
Sometimes I find it in a hot cup of coffee after a chilly walk…
Sometimes I find it a hug from one of my guys…
Sometimes I find it in a deep, hot bubbly bath…

Today I found it in this beautiful picture. Sunshine in a purple flower… Perfect!

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Day 217 - Seek the Sunshine

‘It’s not that I don’t experience dark days, I just prefer to look around and find the sunshine’

If you look hard enough you can find sunshine in the smallest of things and the strangest of places.
Sometimes though, we’re so busy looking for it in all kinds of places that we can’t see it, there, right beside us…
Or maybe we just turn away.

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Day 173 - Sun, Sea, Sand and Rain!

As the world whirled and twirled, time was made to visit the beach.
To walk by the sea as it rolled back and forth.
Along the shore, by the sand dunes, ¬†with the waves, some late summer sunshine and a healthy sea-breeze…
When the rain gently fell and all the people disappeared – what a treat to see a cormorant!

Memories made.

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Day 152 - For

Sunny summer evenings.
Sharing adventures.
Enjoying the moments.
Making memories.
Peacefully sleeping.
Bouncing preparation.

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