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Day 303 - More Butterflies.

Again I’m drawn to wonder about the butterfly. And the caterpillar.
I wondered before whether the caterpillar knows it will become a butterfly and I hoped that in some way it does.
And then I wondered about the butterfly. Does she know she is beautiful. If all she can see is ahead of her, does she know she has transformed into a creature of such beauty and wonder?
Now I am forced to wonder about that metamorphosis. That very personal, very introspective process of change. Change so complete and consuming that it severs the bonds that tied you to those around you.
Where you were once a caterpillar and the same as all your caterpillar friends, suddenly, or over time, you evolve, and change and point yourself in a new direction. As a butterfly you have wings and opportunities and needs that are so different to those of the caterpillar.
So what of those friendships?
Those connections…
Does the caterpillar rejoice for the butterfly or resent the change and the accompanying loss?
Can the butterfly retain those links to the past she has evolved from?
Should she?
If it is our purpose in life to evolve, to grow, to learn and move on to more growing and learning then once the lesson is learned should we only look ahead. Not back. Is this why the butterfly cannot see her own wings?
To look back is to open ourselves anew to the pain of old learning. The pain of previous growth. The pain of prior evolution.
Maybe leaving our caterpillar friends behind is a necessary pain.
Maybe losing our caterpillar friends to butterflydom is part of our own journey to growth.


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Day 254 - Bridges and Doors

A bridge. A link from what is to what could be. From the known to the unknown.
A symbol of transition. A means of crossing.

Doors are also symbolic of transition. A closed door being the barrier between one place and another. This stage and the next.

Perhaps this is why I am drawn to both…

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