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It is September and close to the end of another year for me.  And what an incredible year it has been…

I have traveled to far flung places.
Seen, heard and felt things that will have forever changed me.

I have lived fully.  The meaning, the moments and the memories.

I have felt deeply.  The wonder, the awe, the overwhelming passion for love and for life

I have loved completely.  With my heart and with my soul.

I have enjoyed simply.  With my toes in the water, my sights set on sunrise and sunset.

Another year marker will soon be here.  If change helps us to grow, then I am open to all the growth that my next year on this earth has in store for me.




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Day 336 - Roots & Wings

As my son is getting ready to embark on 3 months of adventure in America, I am reminded again that our children are only ever on loan to us. I was gifted with the joy of watching mine grow into bright, beautiful and kind young adults.

Each with a big, beautiful heart, an admirable work ethic, a healthy understanding of the competitiveness that abounds in the world we live in, a strong sense of right and wrong and a wanderers spirit.

With humour, with love, with gratitude, in peace and with hope they are beginning to forge their way in this world.

With roots and with wings.

And with all my love.

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Day 318 - Journey On

On my way to climb Snowdon, I have spent a few days with a friend.
I have visited Wrexham, Wetherby, Warrington, Chester and Manchester in the past few days and have enjoyed a really relaxing time meeting new people and seeing new sights.

It has felt good seeing beyond the 3 minute friendship… On many levels.

Tomorrow I move on to Snowdon. And the challenge and experiences that it might hold.

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Day 250 - Get Going

“There’s more to getting to where you’re going than just knowing there’s a road.” ~ Joan Lowery Nixon, In The Face of Danger

Gotta take that first step…

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Day 213 - Journey on.

Life is a journey, much of which seems to be spent working very hard to stay still.
Sometimes I need to let go of what I know just to see where this amazing life will take me.

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Day 178 - Drift Away

A beautiful walk in the late summer sunshine and my mind was free to drift…

One day soon, my body may follow.

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Day 164 - Nature's Purple

Here are just a few of the purple beauties I have found on my travels this summer.

Summer wears purple so well..!

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