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Day 240 - Tree in Turin

This beautiful Christmas tree in Turin has made me smile and feel fabulously festive this morning.
It really is a most wonderful time of the year.


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Day 239 - Purple Clouds

The trees against the purple evening sky tonight almost looked like a pencil drawing.

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Day 232 - Lost Tree

Somehow I have managed to lose my Christmas tree. I’ve looked everywhere and it has just disappeared.

I braved the shed. The shed where the super-spider lives… Not there.
I went in the loft. The loft that has no loft ladder and tested my nerves and my agility to the max… Not there.
I looked under my bed. Found a book I thought I had lost, but no, not there.
It’s not anywhere!

Last night I trawled around shops and garden centres looking for a replacement. But no. None that I liked.

So this picture, sent to me by a friend, is now my official Christmas tree!

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Day 231 - Big Baubles

Out and about today I came across this tree, laden with mega-baubles. I loved the blue sky backdrop.
Christmas time in crisp sunshine…

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Day 172 – Thoughts Tree

Day 172 - Thoughts Tree

Today my thoughts are jumbled, and words aren’t coming easy. I love the changing seasons, but the change in the weather unsettles me.

I need to sit awhile to gather my thoughts around me. Under a big ol’ purple thoughts tree…

Where my thoughts and dreams and plans and schemes and hopes and wishes and what-ifs and maybes and once-upon-a-times can all find their happily-ever-afters…

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Day 142 - Rainbow Eucalyptus

Just added to my list – go and see the rainbow trees! The most beautiful tree bark on earth – for sure…

The Hana Highway on the island of Maui is now a definite ‘must do’ for me!

Wanna see more? Check out this link.


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