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I have a date on Thursday!

With Betty and Martin.

We’re meeting for afternoon wine.

And what a damn fine idea that is!  According to Martin, we could meet for coffee, but why would we?  When there is so much fine wine to enjoy… We might all look back with longing upon the lost innocence of our youth, but the wisdom of age certainly has its compensations.

Betty and Martin blew me away today.

A moment of such sweet simplicity but one which landed like a punch to the soul.

Betty told me that the life she has lived is a life she has loved.  Very simple.  Betty has loved her life.

She loves Martin, and always has.  Martin chimes in at that point with a smile and a wink, ‘Well why wouldn’t she..?’ He prides himself on his supreme modesty.  Betty laughs an open and honest laugh and then looks at me as if to say, ‘You see… he’s right!  Why wouldn’t I!’

Betty loved her job high in the skies working for British Airways.  She has children and she loves them, their partners and the grandchildren they have blessed her with. She loves where she lives.  She loves who she is.  She loves the things they do together.  She loves the changing of the seasons.  She loves going out for lunch.  She loves nice wine.  She loves.  He smiles.  It’s clear to see that he loves too.

Martin fills in some blanks.  We’ve had our share of the ups and downs of life.  Financial worries. Health worries.  Family worries.  But we remind ourselves every day how lucky we are.  We chose to love our lives.

It’s brutal in its simplicity, really.

So now I have a new ambition.  When the Circle of Life turns, as it will, I want to be able to sit down, someday, somewhere and take a younger soul under my wing and say, ‘I have loved my life’

And I shall continue to take all the required steps in all the right directions to be able to do so.





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Onion Truth

I have learned again, recently, that some people see the truth as an onion. From the heart outwards layer upon layer of flesh and substance is built up to mask what is real at the core.

The layers are there sometimes to protect. Perhaps a secret deemed too big, or too sensitive, or too sore to reveal.

The layers are there sometimes to enable one to do things they know to be wrong. Each layer is only one tiny step away from what is true, or real, or right but they add together to create an opaque view. A view so shadowy and shady and far from that which is real that right and truth are hidden. And a new, slightly fake, real is revealed. One that allows wrong to be presented as right.

The layers are there to distract, divert and deter. It takes a certain kind of determination, devotion, commitment and care to peel those layers away when they are being so carefully held together. The more layers, the more likely you are to deter intruders.

There are lots of reasons why there are layers. Layers don’t hurt the onion.
But peeling an onion always makes me cry.

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Day 242 - Rare

The rare and amazing people, who remind you why it is all worth it.

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