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Day 284 - Bridge of Brollies

I love this Brooke Shaden picture.

And I could so have done with a bridge of brollies to keep my feet out of the mud yesterday!


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Day 268 - Ducks

With the overly generous abundance of rain we’ve had, It’s been fabulous weather for ducks. And fish!

Luckily for me I’m spending the weekend inside a rather lovely hotel with a big bunch of nice people and lots of dancing to be done.

Enjoy the rain, fish. And ducks. And umbrella salesmen. And children wearing wellie boots. While we enjoy our dancing…

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Day 174 - Drip, drop, splash!

The weather has drastically changed! It’s all brrrr and sogginess…

Time to look forward to the song of raindrops on umbrellas and in the trees. The raindrop lullaby against the window at night. Splashing in puddles in purple wellie-boots. Chunky jumpers and the people snuggled inside them. Homemade soups, hot and spicy. Wrapping up in snuggly blanket nests on the sofa. Brightly coloured hats and gloves and scarves. Boots and warm socks.

Oh, and all those beautiful autumn colours!

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