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As promised, some of the beautiful purpleness we found up on the Peaks surrounding the Edale Vale in the Peak District.

As we were passing this slope full of beautiful heather a passing Scotsman commented that I was dressed to match the heather…  I was actually going for the giant blueberry look, dressed as I was from head to toe in purple, but I still took his comment as a compliment.


These spiky balls of delightful purple caught my eye and I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap with my phone.


And similarly this little beauty.

And that’s one of the things you have to love about life.  Wherever you look you can find beauty.  If you choose to see it.  Weeds to some are beautiful flowers to others.

A soggy climb up Jacobs Ladder to the top of a windswept peak could be considered a form of torture to some – for my very good friend and I this week, it was an adventure.  And we loved it!

Even if he did step thigh deep into a bog.  I assumed he did that to make me laugh and he succeeded.

And getting lost was just an opportunity to walk another ridge – where we discovered the most amazing natural rock sculptures that we would have missed if we hadn’t taken a wrong turn.

Off to the Lake District tomorrow.  I wonder what purple I’ll find there!

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Day 158 - The Old Man

I climbed my first mountain this week!

The Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District… There is some debate over whether it is the highest fell in the area or not, but whatever, it’s big and I climbed it!

I had a fabulous couple of days walking and spending time with my eldest daughter and the time was filled with much love and laughter.

I confess that yes, we did manage to get lost. And yes, we did end up walking for 10hrs, covering 20+ miles, and yes, my feet were worn down to stumps by the end – but I loved it! Apparently there is an art to map-reading… How you fold the map being a big part of it!

We survived an attack of killer wasps intent on sharing our ‘Hot Pink Mulled Apple Juice’ and my stomach has just about stopped aching from watching my cool, calm and collected daughter running around, actually screaming, throwing her drink everywhere with her hood pulled up and held tight around her face. Luckily there was someone else around that could give her the stern ‘mum-look’ to stop her scaring any nearby children – I was way too busy laughing!

Apparently it was my ‘horror movie face’ when she asked if the wasp had gone that set her off…

And we have decided to put the random ‘Uncontrollable Giggling Incident’ that happened halfway up the mountain down to oxygen starvation… It’s the only logical conclusion for such ridiculous amounts of laughter that started over nothing at all..!

Two ugly blisters, one slightly sprained ankle and a belly that aches from laughing are the physical things that will fade…. The memories we made will last a lifetime…

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Day 71 - Joy

It’s a beautiful day.
Yeah, there’s places to go, people to see, work to be done, stuff that won’t wait and things we probably don’t want to do…

But take a moment, find the beauty in the day. Take the pleasure from it that it deserves. Find the joy in it. And in you…


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