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I started the year scrambling over rocks, squelching in mud, plodging in the freezing sea and walking for days in the beautiful English countryside… Fur-lined, water proof boots and a gazillion layers of snuggly purpleness to keep me warm and dry.

A few weeks ago I climbed Snowdon with my daughter on the hottest day of the year so far.  My big, sensible purple walking boots were firmly attached to the back of my rucksack – and replaced with nice, comfortable flip flops!  Morton’s Neuroma makes it less and less easy to wear my boots, but they’re always there ready.

August is my adventure month!  My time.  A chance to get some serious walking miles under my boots.  A chance to connect, reflect, regenerate, recoup and renew.

But every day throughout the year I try to take a walk somewhere.  Just a few miles.  Just enough to remind me of what is important to me.  Fresh air, exercise, the sights, sounds and joys of nature around us and love, in all it’s guises.

But walking boots are not my only boots.

This weekend was a Blues BootCamp weekend.  A chance to swap the walking boots and flip flops for my dancing boots and shoes.  A whole weekend of teaching, encouraging and nurturing the love of Modern Blues dancing with a fabulous group of receptive and friendly dancers.

I love my boots.  ALL of my boots!


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‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.’  ~John Lennon

That certainly seems to be the way for me at the moment.
My head.  It knows there is heaps of stuff that could and should be done.  Important stuff.  New stuff.  Plans, preparation and progress.
But my heart!  My heart is full of sunshine, long walks, capturing little moments with my camera, muddy boots, new discoveries, late night talks, love, friendships, enjoying the lives of my little chicks and they spread their wings and fly, wine, wanderings, and dreams of all that there is to see and do in this big and beautiful world.

And so I strive to find a balance.  To force myself to ignore the joy and excitement of the promise of spring and the lure of the great outdoors.  At least long enough to get some words into the right places and some work into the right spaces.

So many of my days are lost to awe and wonder.  Today I should claw one back for work…  The sunshine through the window calls me – wish me luck!

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Day 120 - In dream

In dream, tonight, I’ll again wander.
To places my eyes have not seen.
Free to meet with the someone
Who cares to share in my dreams .

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