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It is September and close to the end of another year for me.  And what an incredible year it has been…

I have traveled to far flung places.
Seen, heard and felt things that will have forever changed me.

I have lived fully.  The meaning, the moments and the memories.

I have felt deeply.  The wonder, the awe, the overwhelming passion for love and for life

I have loved completely.  With my heart and with my soul.

I have enjoyed simply.  With my toes in the water, my sights set on sunrise and sunset.

Another year marker will soon be here.  If change helps us to grow, then I am open to all the growth that my next year on this earth has in store for me.



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IMG_20150731_113650 (1)

I have been doing an awful lot of walking recently.  And I have plans to do a whole heap more during the month of August.

Over the course of the month I shall be walking in the Peak District, the Lake District, the South East Coastal Path and Offa’s Dyke on the English/Welsh border.

I plan to see waterfalls and gorges…

To climb mountains and cross streams…

To enjoy nature and wildlife…

To marvel at the vastness of the sea and the wonders of the great outdoors…

To explore inland, coastland and headlands…

To let my mind roam free, my eyes to feast and my spirit to soar in freedom…

And all the while I shall be on the lookout for purple.

Seek and nature will provide!

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Some weeks are crazy… Fun, laughter, love, friendship, road-trips, adventure.

Some weeks are crazy… Busy busy, rush rush, race, run, chase.

Some weeks are crazy… People to see, stuff to do, catching up, tracking down, hanging out, fooling around.

Some weeks are crazy… Planning, prepping, digging deep, knuckling down.

Some weeks are crazy… Time.  Space.  Solitude.  Reflection.  Meditation.

Some weeks are crazy… Ups, downs, highs, lows, pressure, release, repeat.

Some weeks are crazy… Walking, talking, searching, seeing, feeling.

Some weeks are crazy… Magic, mayhem, mania, motherhood, joy.

Some weeks are crazy… Music, dance, expression, connection, fulfillment.

Some weeks are crazy… Look, see, delve, explore, learn, develop.

Some weeks are crazy… Love, passion, desire, lust, longing, loving.

Some weeks are crazy… Shout, scream, stamp, sulk, cry.

Some weeks are crazy… Living.  Living.  Living.  Living.  Living.







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Here’s to the beautiful people in my life right now.

May our flaws, scars, imperfections, off-centre outlooks, love, friendship, passions and sunny dispositions ever unite us.







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‘I’ve worked hard today… I think I deserve to work more hours!’

What a thought!

My daughter supports young adults with learning difficulties into work placements.  She sources the placements, learns the duties expected of her students, and then teaches and trains them.  When they are ready, she supports them in the work place until they are ready to go solo.

One of her young men is making huge progress.  And the quote above is how he sees work.  As a privilege…  My daughter wrote this poem about it, and has used it as her very first blog post!   If you could show her some support for her first steps in blogging by taking a look here… https://incluition.wordpress.com/the-blog/

Here is the poem – quite thought provoking!

I do it… And I’m sure I’m not on my own,
After a day at work we come home and have a moan.

Grumbles, tuts, the odd sigh and even a tear,
I’m sure in most homes these are the sounds you’d hear.
‘I’m unappreciated, over worked and under paid’.
An image that we’ve all portrayed?
Then one day it hit me… Is this strictly true?
I know we all work hard but aren’t we lucky too?
Now the students that I work with have disabilities of the learning kind,
My role is to support them into work that I help them find.
Now the tasks that most just do from day to day,
For some of my students they can’t just pick it up straight away,
For them practise and dedication is what it takes,
Where most would probably exclaim for goodness sakes!
This is all before learning the job they have to do,
Now you would understand it if they moaned and groaned too!
But for some of my students they see working in a different way,
It is not a chore and it’s not all about the pay.
Having a job means much more than that,
One student said something today that struck me from our chat-

‘I’ve worked hard today… I think I deserve to work more hours’.

Not more money, time off, praise or rest,
Just the chance to work harder and to do his best.
It is a given to most that they’ll get a job, do well and succeed,
Unfortunately for these students it’s not a guarantee.
I think we can all learn from what this student had to say,
So… have you worked hard today?


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‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.’  ~John Lennon

That certainly seems to be the way for me at the moment.
My head.  It knows there is heaps of stuff that could and should be done.  Important stuff.  New stuff.  Plans, preparation and progress.
But my heart!  My heart is full of sunshine, long walks, capturing little moments with my camera, muddy boots, new discoveries, late night talks, love, friendships, enjoying the lives of my little chicks and they spread their wings and fly, wine, wanderings, and dreams of all that there is to see and do in this big and beautiful world.

And so I strive to find a balance.  To force myself to ignore the joy and excitement of the promise of spring and the lure of the great outdoors.  At least long enough to get some words into the right places and some work into the right spaces.

So many of my days are lost to awe and wonder.  Today I should claw one back for work…  The sunshine through the window calls me – wish me luck!

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Day 303 - More Butterflies.

Again I’m drawn to wonder about the butterfly. And the caterpillar.
I wondered before whether the caterpillar knows it will become a butterfly and I hoped that in some way it does.
And then I wondered about the butterfly. Does she know she is beautiful. If all she can see is ahead of her, does she know she has transformed into a creature of such beauty and wonder?
Now I am forced to wonder about that metamorphosis. That very personal, very introspective process of change. Change so complete and consuming that it severs the bonds that tied you to those around you.
Where you were once a caterpillar and the same as all your caterpillar friends, suddenly, or over time, you evolve, and change and point yourself in a new direction. As a butterfly you have wings and opportunities and needs that are so different to those of the caterpillar.
So what of those friendships?
Those connections…
Does the caterpillar rejoice for the butterfly or resent the change and the accompanying loss?
Can the butterfly retain those links to the past she has evolved from?
Should she?
If it is our purpose in life to evolve, to grow, to learn and move on to more growing and learning then once the lesson is learned should we only look ahead. Not back. Is this why the butterfly cannot see her own wings?
To look back is to open ourselves anew to the pain of old learning. The pain of previous growth. The pain of prior evolution.
Maybe leaving our caterpillar friends behind is a necessary pain.
Maybe losing our caterpillar friends to butterflydom is part of our own journey to growth.

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